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by Radhe

I’m a big fan of MPlayer. Mostly because it’s free and I don’t have to install my own video player. But it also has some great features like instant remastering and VLC, both of which I use frequently on sites like this. So, I decided to create one that is similar in functionality but far more useful in the sense that you can extract a video from your Mac’s built-in video player without spending anything extra. That’s why this site is named “Gizmos: see finance for mac.

See finance for mac is an online movie and game production company that specializes in producing apps and games to improve the lives of individuals who are facing difficult financial situations. Their mission is to provide a more affordable and accessible alternative to an expensive loan and increasingly inaccessible credit card. Their products help people save money on their budget, fund their education, keep a clean record of income, build deposits, or improve the way they spend their savings.

Financial Literacy. Learn how to read a financial document. The Dummies’ Guide To Investing in Your Financial Future be the foundation for all future of financial literacy education and research. Features: * How to read financial documents * How investments look at looking at cash / cash equivalents * UML diagrams of stocks, bonds, mutual funds, ETFs and other assets * Getting started with IRR, IRRs and IRIs * A 5-step guide to understanding relationships between wealth and your debt * Understanding Short Term Capitalization* A Retirement Portfolio’s guide to understanding the relationship between wealth and retirement funds.

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