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Rudy Guiliani Is So Screwed, Can’t Afford His Personal Legal Payments, Begging For Assist

by Radhe

If Democrats retain management of the House regardless of voter suppression, rigging the certification process, gerrymandering, Congressional reapportionment of House seats, and the normal out-of-power get together pickup in the first mid-term election, then there will be hell to pay. At that time, the Loser will be the one thrown beneath the bus. This change illustrates the exact approach Democrats should deploy against each claim of a stolen election. Democrats must be challenging each individual Trumpican to “show me the names” each time any of them say the election was stolen. Then they need to repeat the cost the next day. Everyone who claims the election was stolen and who’s an elected official or operating for office must be challenged daily to “show me names” until they shut up or decide to name names as Trump did twice in Georgia.

Naturally he turned to the individual he served for assistance and naturally he was rebuffed. Helmsley….maybe the most infamous and self righteous criminal tax evader in the history of the United States. I will never forget her quote “We don’t pay taxes, only little people pay taxes” which rightfully caused alliance autocracies china wants lead new her to get “hung by her own tongue” and despatched to prison….which is more likely than not the right reply for Donald Trump. January 6 – The full story of what transpired in the Willard War Room has but to be informed. Some of it will be revealed in future hearings by the House Select Committee.

They said we do not have free and fair elections. I mentioned, Mike, that does not take braveness, what takes courage is to do nothing. That takes braveness, after which we’re stuck with a president who lost the election by a lot, and we’ve to live with that for four extra years.

On November 9, Ginni Thomas, wife of Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas, emailed 29 Arizona lawmakers, together with Russell Bowers and Shawnna Bolick, encouraging them to choose “a clean slate of Electors” and telling them that the duty was “yours and yours alone”. In Michigan on December 7, 2020, “Stop the Steal” protestors gathered exterior the non-public house of Michigan’s Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson to shout obscenities and chant threatening speech into bullhorns. President-elect Joe Biden’s Michigan win by 154,000 votes had been officially licensed by the Michigan Board of State Canvassers in November. Dinkins had a long time of political experience, although he had a reputation for being indecisive.

Dominion had complained that Powell’s comments had been “wild,” “outlandish,” and “impossible.” Powell’s attorneys seemed to concede that Powell had been clearly mendacity, saying that “cheap people would not settle for such statements as truth” and subsequently that she had not defamed Dominion. Prior to November 17, the four-member board of canvassers of Wayne County, Michigan, was deadlocked on election-result certification alongside party lines with the 2 Republican members refusing to certify, but on November 17 the board voted unanimously to certify its outcomes. The two denied Trump’s call had influenced their reversal. In October 2020, Trump signed an government order that created a new category of federal worker, Schedule F, which included all career civil servants whose job contains “policymaking”. Such staff would not be lined by civil service protections against arbitrary dismissal, but would be topic to the same rules as political appointees.

We have overwhelming delight on this great country. Together we are decided to defend and protect government of the folks, by the people, and for the individuals. Together we are going to drain the Washington swamp, and we’ll clean up the corruption in our nation’s Capitol.

In September 2021, hours after Trump wrote to Texas governor Greg Abbott demanding an audit of the state’s election outcomes, the Texas secretary of state’s office announced that audits had begun in four major counties. County officers and others within the secretary of state’s office initially said they were unaware of any audit underway. Trump received Texas with fifty two.1% of the vote, although Biden and Texan Lyndon Johnson were the only Democrats to win Tarrant County since 1952; Trump gained the county by nine points in 2016. In January 2022, Maricopa County election officials launched a last report finding nearly each declare the auditors made was false or misleading.

This paragraph is an excerpt from Republican efforts to restrict voting following the 2020 presidential election. The audits were conducted by secretary of state John Scott, whom Abbott appointed in October 2021. Scott is a former state litigator who briefly joined Trump’s authorized staff in 2020 to challenge the election results. He launched preliminary findings of the audits in December 2021 that discovered few issues, including 17 votes cast by deceased voters and 60 cross-state duplicate votes among 3.9 million ballots solid. The duplicate votes remained under investigation. Dozens of lawmakers from 5 key states wrote Pence on January 5 asking him to delay for ten days the final certification of electors scheduled for the following day, to allow them an opportunity to open special legislative classes to decertify their electors and submit a new slate of electors.