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by Radhe

It’s not every day that you get to see a financial advisor via an iPhone app. While many of us have used an app like this to consult our financial advisor, we can now do so by simply texting the phone number and requesting a position. With publix finance, you don’t need an expensive banking app or even an in-person conversation with your bank. You can schedule the call whenever you want and select the date, time, and place you would like to speak with your banker.

The future of retail is now! I’m a fan of companies that offer innovative and creative ways to service their customers. The problem is, today’s companies will always strive to be the largest or most successful company. These companies tend to out innovate companies in the same way that we match tequila and ostrich eggs-to-marine eggs. So if you want great service and trust your money to someone who has proven their worth, look no further than our friend, publix finance.

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