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monday writing prompts: 10 Things I Wish I’d Known Earlier

by Radhe

monday writing prompts is a series of short writing prompts that I give out to my followers every monday. Each prompt encourages you to think about something that is going on in your world or that is going on in your life. I encourage you to write about a funny, inspiring, or important moment in your life that you want to be remembered for.

I think that one of the main reasons I created monday writing prompts is because I get asked a lot about what to write about on monday.

I’m always surprised to see that people want to write about something to do with their lives. Often times it’s because something has happened to them in the past that they feel they need to remember or talk about. Most of the time, I think we all want something to be said. So when I see people writing about something about their lives, I want to see what they are trying to say.

As long as you can remember, the past is always just a blank slate for you to write on. Don’t think that because you’ve been through the worst you won’t be able to write about the best. You might learn something new from the experience that you can share with others. I think this is why I created monday writing prompts.

Writing prompts are a great way to get to know your readers. I put these prompts up on the monday page each week. I’ve had many people ask me if they could be my next writing prompt. They can be anything you want, and they don’t have to relate to my topics. For example, if you want to talk about something you are currently doing, you can write a quick paragraph about that.

Well, I guess I should start with a confession. I am not really an author. I am in fact a writer of a children’s book, but I don’t write the books. I have made many writing prompts for the monday page, but I do not usually post them to the monday page, because I think monday is a great place to share the prompt.

For the past eight weeks you have been writing a little book called “the monday page.” As I said, this is a great place to share your writing prompt, as you can post it to your own monday page.

So the monday page is one of the most popular prompts on the monday page, and it’s one of the easiest to implement. There are dozens of different prompts you can write in the monday page.

You can do all sorts of things you can do in your monday page, like write a post about music or film, or have a list of things you did yesterday. It’s all about the prompt. So if you want to read about music or film or whatever you want to do, then you can do that in your monday page. You can also create a blog post or a list of things to do.

The monday page also has a “monday writing prompt” section, which has a number of prompts and ideas about writing. This is a great place to get ideas and do exercises, as you can get more practice writing your own posts.

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