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Jade Moon Tattoo, Free Porntv Videos

by Radhe

Micah is a resident artist on the shop and is an apprentice to buy proprietor Jaded Moon. He is from Las Vegas, Nevada, and now operates out of our store in Madison, Wisconsin. Jaded Moon is the owner of Ritual Moon and is an internationally recognized tattooist. With over twenty years of expertise, she turns any vision into ink.

Communicating your desires, wishes, emotions and expectations earlier than and after the experience. I’m unbelievably so pleased with it and I really feel so much extra confident! 🖤 thank you a lot @jadedmoontattoos so glad I got to fulfill you and eventually get tattooed by you.

She is from Las Vegas, Nevada, and now operates out of our shop in Madison, Wisconsin. She has been an artist her entire life, having graduated from studying art at Las Vegas Academy of the Arts, and was raised amongst tattooists. He prides himself on telling you the issues you have to hear, not the belongings you want to hear.

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