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by Radhe

This blog is about personal finance, so tell me, what part do you think it would be if there was one blog about personal finance? If you answered yes to that question then I would say that personally, I think it would be excellent. So what if I told you that this business will change your life by giving you the tools to succeed financially? You’ll be able to track your spending, calculate how much money you should save for retirement and make smart financial decisions for your future. The only thing left for me to say is, don’t forget one important thing. Learn how to have a strong financial plan.

French entrepreneur and entrepreneur, Jean-Marc Négandrou has launched a new company called: “Ja” Personal Finance. This company is aimed to offer personal finance solutions for people of all ages. They are committed to solving the problem of not being able to afford a nice car, food, or house. With Ja they are making it so that you can actually afford things that go with your loyalty card. What’s more they’re teaming up with groups like Make & Buy to help make life easier for everyone in the family.

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