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by Radhe

Are you looking for a way to learn the fundamentals of finance? Welcome to the world of essential of finance. The world is full of people who spend most of their time on Facebook, but they don’t really have much in terms of real-world experiences that are actually relevant to them. They may have spent their entire life on social media, but there’s something missing from their financial journey that’s largely unknown and not worth pursuing: an understanding of how real assets actually work. Simply put, whether you’re studying for a test or getting started in your business, you need to understand how assets work so you can use them correctly.

You’ve probably come across the term of “essential finance.” But what do the words mean? Why would someone need to buy a cash register or stock chart just because they might need a calculator? What if you could create your own spreadsheet and even use it as an accounting tool? The answer is…you can! This can be done while driving and in many other professions. The software is called Essential Finance, and it’s completely free. The software is available on Amazon for $10.

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