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essential corporate finance

by Radhe

It’s important to have a way of knowing how your money is being used. Who doesn’t like knowing about the corporate financial department? The world’s largest company, Google, are typically thought of as the benevolent force behind the web, with their mission of transparency and being one of the most open companies in the world. But with all those corporate lobbyists in charge, secrecy is starting to look much more secure than ever before. But on the UK government’s recent budget announcement, there seemed to be a clear change to Google’s financial statements. With this new funding comes an increase in money that was previously allocated for anti-poverty programs.

If you’re looking for a new way to communicate with your colleagues and executives, look no further than the divisional firm that has finally figured out a way to help us all. Each year we receive an average of 9 million emails from employees every year. We can’t imagine how difficult it must be to find out exactly why and what they’re saying to please them, they don’t want to waste their time on this type of information and have it removed from the public record. This is where our new post-work email system comes in.

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