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by Radhe

dk finance offers a mobile banking application which is available in all 32 countries on the planet. dk finance enables people to tap into their own cash and savings accounts. Using your phone as a bank account means you’re put in front of an online system where you have no to do with banks or your bank accounts. You are a member of a digital society where money can be transferred, stored and distributed without having to go through the cumbersome process of interacting with banks and withdrawals. You are able to transfer money via the payment option alone or with any other bank approved system, using only your phone number.

dk finance is a brain child by a person who has raised over $30,000 on Kickstarter. The idea behind dk finance is to help people understand how the money they put in their pockets can serve as a marker of wealth, which is beneficial in that it’s good for society. With the help of capricious nature, the funds this person raises are divided to two different projects with different goals and priorities. One project aims to create a service called Smart Money. dk finance gives people access to an application that allows them to track their progress investing into any type of new business. The other project aims to build a fully automated account system that will monitor credit card spending and make sure there are no missed payments coming your way.

Tweet chris a wealth management company that focuses on helping you increase your capital and diversify your portfolio. You can use their post or direct equity portfolios to diversify across stocks, bonds and mutual funds. Through this, you can lower the risk of losing money in an asset class. dk finance is a true wealth manager! Twitter chris has been around for years and is recognized for their exceptional customer service. The reason why dk finance is so popular with its customer is because they offer great advice and excellent customer service when it comes to investing as well.

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