nurture differin prescription Having seen just 21 summers a young mechanical engineer Harjinder Singh Sethi took wobbly steps into the world of nut and bolts to satiate his craving ambition and also to ensure that the family fire would always be burning.

comfort With no godfather in the industry Harjinder learnt to pursue the hard way on his instincts and aggressive business tactics what began as an enterprise making nuts and spare parts for companies manufacturing equipment for steel / cement/ power , has grown into an industry in itself. he even hit his first IPO at the age of 35 which is nothing but proof of his canny ability. draft Staying true to the roots , manufacturing machinery for steel/cement/power companies became the main stream of the company. Being a visionary this first generation entrepreneur diversified into heavy engineering, construction, realty and power generation.

uncover All this has not come easy to ebullient Harjinder , who had to see his share of downfalls too but instead of lamenting he took them as stepping stones to success. There was a time when a lot of companies could not pay up in time leading to a crunch in funds . As a fallout debts piled leaving Harjinder to contemplate on his business tactics and decisions as there were many mouths to feed in the company. He , however ensured none of his employees were affected because of the fall in the market.

disseminate Just when people had started to write him off , he fought back aggressively to ensure his company is debt free . All this due to the single minded objective of this entrepreneur.

The company can only go from strength to strength under the able leadership of Harjinder Singh Sethi.